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New Double Clutch Transmission Fluid specially developed for Mercedes-Benz-8-speed Double Clutch Transmissions

09.01.2019 - 10:47
New Double Clutch Transmission Fluid specially developed for Mercedes-Benz-8-speed Double Clutch Transmissions

With the introduction of the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, Mercedes-Benz has set new standards in terms of driving dynamics and efficiency. The new transmission offers low shifting times giving maximum comfort due to smooth gearshifts and higher efficiency. 

The topic of CO2 savings has taken on an important meaning in the transmission sector as well. This is accompanied by a constant increase in efficiency achieved with a lubricant with lowered viscosity. At the same time, wear protection and friction characteristics have not been ignored.

In addition, requirements such as higher oxidation stability also play a key role. All these requirements were set out by Mercedes Benz in the specification MB 236.22. FUCHS PENTOSIN FFL-10 is based on FUCHS Lubricants’ unique XTL® technology, specially optimised for the requirements of this gearbox, it is approved accordingly to the MB 236.22 specifications.

PENTOSIN FFL-10 Premium Performance DCTF is specially developed for Mercedes-Benz 8 speed double clutch transmissions with wet clutch. It provides optimum wear protection and excellent friction properties over the entire lifetime of the transmission and offers improved shifting performance even under harsh conditions.


PENTOSIN FFL-10 achieves outstanding fuel savings due to reduced viscosity. As an innovative, tailor-made additive technology, paired with selected base oils, it offers excellent wear protection. The impressive friction stability of PENTOSIN FFL-10 offers excellent clutch performance and optimum shifting comfort over the entire intended drain interval.   


PENTOSIN FFL-10 was specially developed and is approved for use in Mercedes-Benz-8-speed Double Clutch Transmissions.  

For proper operation of the transmission, PENTOSIN FFL-10 must not be mixed with other gear oils. For information on product safety and proper disposal please refer to the latest Material Safety Data Sheet. 


  • Friction characteristics optimised for the Mercedes-Benz double clutch system
  • High friction stability over the entire drain interval 
  • Low viscosity for high efficiency 
  • Optimised wear protection 


  • MB-APPROVAL 236.22 


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