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Gear Oil For Hypoid Axles in Commercial Vehicles

18.03.2020 - 01:00
Gear Oil For Hypoid Axles in Commercial Vehicles

TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 from FUCHS Lubricants is a Premium Performance Gear Oil for highly-stressed hypoid axles in commercial vehicles formulated with fully-synthetic base oils. Developed for the longest oil change intervals in commercial vehicle axle drives.

The gear oil is outstanding with may properties due to the combination of high- quality fully synthetic base fluids and a very modern additive technology. The good high-temperature stability of TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 and its property of lowering the temperature in the gearbox makes extended oil-change intervals possible ac- cording to manufacturer’s recommendations. 


TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 has proven its capabilities in a field test over more than 600,000 km. 

TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 is predominantly used in axle gearboxes with large axle offsets (hypoid gears), planetary axle hubs and transfer cases. TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 is miscible in any ratio with any conventional and even mineral-oil- based gear oils. However, mixing may result in lower performance. Extended oil-change intervals are possible only when the product is being used undiffuse. TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded gear oils. Mixing with other gear oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil change is recommended when converting to TITAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90.



• Offers high EP capability

• Very good wear protection

• Particularly good high-temperature stability against formation of deposits

• Compared to conventional products, use of TI- TAN CYTRAC SL SAE 75W-90 lowers the oil temperature in the gearbox

• The very good temperature-viscosity behaviour of synthetic base fluids ensures high efficiency even at very low temperatures. Formation of a reliable lubricating film is ensured also in high- temperature climates

• High shear stability

• Longest drain intervals possible


• API GL-5



• MAN 342 TYPE S1 

FUCHS Recommendations 



• MB 235.8

• VOLVO 97312

• ZF TE-ML 05B, 07, 08, 12B, 16F, 17B

Find a TITAN gear oil suitable for your automotive, agriculture, forestry, transport, construction, consumer or aftermarket industry: https://bit.ly/391NNSZ

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