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The Rapidly Evolving Automotive Industry

08.09.2020 - 11:40
The Rapidly Evolving Automotive Industry

The news is full of new electric and hybrid concepts from vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, we are hearing how cities want to ban diesel vehicles on their streets in the not too distant future. These are clear signs that the industry is changing, challenging our ideas of technology, lubrication – and also mobility. Yes, these are certainly exciting times.

In tandem with developments on the electric car market, the actual concept of mobility is being redefined. The technology for driverless, or autonomous, vehicles is expected to make a broad breakthrough in the near future. There are several reasons why things are developing at such a fast pace. One of the driving forces is the fact that mobility can lead to lower environmental impact, i.e. when mobility is sold as a service, rather than people owning their own cars.

One key issue for us at FUCHS, of course, is what lubrication in tomorrow’s vehicles will be like. Completely electrically powered vehicles require a new kind of lubricant. Here are some of the challenges we’re working on right now:

  • Brand new requirements are being placed on gear oils, coolants and greases, partly because they now come into contact with electrical modules, sensors and circuits and can therefore be affected by electrical current and electromagnetic fields.
  • The lubricants must also be compatible with everything from copper wires and electrical modules to special plastics and insulation materials. Consequently, the lubricants need to be more highly specialised to work in these environments.
  • Electric vehicle motors emit a lot of heat, which needs to be led away from the electrical module. Here, effective cooling concepts will be increasingly important. 
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