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FUCHS Metal Cutting Lubricants – Ecocool & Ecocut

14.10.2020 - 12:46
FUCHS Metal Cutting Lubricants – Ecocool & Ecocut

The term cutting fluid describes a medium whose principal functions during machining are cooling and lubrication. The primary objectives are to reduce friction between the tool and the material being machined as well as dissipating any thus created heat. Another role of the cutting fluid is to flush any chips or swarf away from the cutting zone.

Neat and water-miscible cutting fluids are formulated from low-aromatic mineral oils, white oils, synthetic oils or renewable synthetic esters. Selected additives such as corrosion protection agents, anti-misting agents, EP and AW additives, emulsifiers or wetting agents are used to improve the fluid’s characteristics in use.

ECOCUT - Neat cutting fluids
FUCHS Neat cutting fluids (ECOCUT) range are non-water-miscible cooling lubricants generate little oil mist and display low evaporation loss, also offer good rinsing properties, a high-quality surface finish and low evaporation. 

These fluids can generally be stored for up to two years in sealed original containers provided that the corresponding storage conditions apply. These storage conditions include, among others, dry, frostfree and in covered spaces, protection against exposure to direct sunlight and heat as well as temperature fluctuations and a maximum storage temperature of 40 °C. After containers have been opened, adequate safeguards must be taken to protect against the ingress of dust, dirt, water, etc. and the contents should be used up as quickly as possible.

ECOCOOL - Water-miscible cutting fluids
FUCHS water-miscible cooling lubricants (ECOCOOL) range are exceptionally durable and economical in terms of consumption. Thanks to their excellent lubricating properties, they achieve extremely high machining and cutting performance. If correctly stored, water-miscible cutting fluid concentrates can generally be stored for up to six months in sealed, original containers. particular attention should be paid to ensuring frost-free storage. If interim storage tanks are used, make sure that these are routinely and frequently checked for contamination and if necessary, cleaned. Galvanized pipes and tanks are not suitable for use with water-miscible concentrates.

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