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FluidsConnect - Web based management tool

07.12.2020 - 12:55
FluidsConnect - Web based management tool

FluidsConnect is an easy to navigate, web based, recording, tracking and reporting tool with integrated KPI measurements; to give maintenance and production engineers immediate and remote access to the current condition of fluids in use.

As an on-line platform, FluidsConnect offers software free centralised management of data, resulting in zero investment requirement from users.

Information can be updated instantly from the time of collection, giving users the latest information from which to make informed decisions on maintenance scheduling, production planning and other operational activities.

Stored data remains confidential and provides customers with a history of fluid usage, condition and concentration. This data further allows users to plan efficient maintenance strategies which will help reduce fluid usage expenditure.

Proactive use of the data allows for improved inventory control, reduced/simplified waste management activity and accurate analysis of fluid consumption by machine, cell or process.

Each data reporting system is designed and developed by the FUCHS team to the bespoke requirements of the user.

The recognised Market Leader

Complete Fluid Management

FluidsConnect helps link all of your FUCHS Service’s together for a more efficient work-flow. By streamlining operations and being able to refer to all your latest data, decisions can be made to help increase productivity, reduce downtime and ultimately reduce costs.

  • Individually designed dashboards
  • Track & trend fluid conditions
  • Remote real-time access to key operating data
  • Eliminates unforeseen production problems
  • Assists in preventative maintenance planning
  • Reduces fluid consumption & expenditure
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