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2021 Motorsport Racing Officially Gets Underway

12.02.2021 - 12:09
2021 Motorsport Racing Officially Gets Underway

The much-anticipated 2021 Motorsport is officially underway. #FUCHSLubricants-sponsored teams took their various competitions all prepared to claim victory.

Marc Ansley:

Round 1 of the Inland Motocross Championship took place at the Dirt Bronco Motocross in Krugersdorp. Despite the pouring rain, Marc Ansley, qualified 3rd in the MX3 Masters class during the qualifying race.

Heat 1: The MX3 class had a full gate of almost 40 riders. Ansley had a good race finishing second in the MX3 Masters class. Heat 2 was cancelled but results from heat 1 gave him a second overall for the day and a second in the championship after Round 1. Round 2 will be at Terra Topia in Fourways on 27 February.

Bright Motorsport:

Round 1 of the EP Regional Championship held on the 6th February 2021 at the Aldo Scribante Raceway. Bright’s Motorsport team drivers opened their season with an excellent result at the first round in both Regional Saloons and Street and Fine races.

MR “X” Xolela Njumbuxa made his first appearance in Modified Saloons category. Driving the 1.2 TSI Polo he took Class victory and bagged full Points in Class F.

Andrew Boshoff and Greg Forward had their first experience with rolling starts and close racing in the Regional Modified Category. Both drivers finished 1st and 2nd in Class E respectively.

Boshoff and Forward also competed in the Street and Fine car category, finishing third and fourth Overall.

Gordon Nicholson took to Street Cars where he finished second overall for the day.

The next Round of the Championship will take place on the 6th March 2021.

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