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Main Gearbox Oil

It’s important to choose the right oil. The main gear box needs oil to turn.

The main gear box is known as the wind turbine component to experience the most failures and the highest replacement costs. Choosing an oil that will perform well and provide long term protection is critical to lowering overall maintenance costs. As the WORLD'S LARGEST INDEPENDENT manufacturer of lubricants and related specialties, FUCHS offers several solutions designed for your  turbine lubricant needs.



RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320 is the highest performing gear oil in the marketplace.  Years of research and development contribute to its premium performance.

This additive provides excellent wear, and rust and extreme pressure performance. RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320 combines low foaming characteristics and low additive fallout including filterability to provide a  unique additive package. Its excellent lab testing results and years of field performance from thousands of OEM-fill and aftermarket turbine replacement applications makes RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320 the best wind turbine gear oil of choice.


When you need a gear oil for an environmentally friendly application GEARMASTER ECO 320 is the solution.

GEARMASTER ECO 320 is an eco-friendly gear oil based on synthetic esters for the wind industry.

GEARMASTER ECO 320 offers extraordinary long-term protection from seizures and micro-pitting. It reduces friction, wear, and optimizes the starting behavior of gearboxes especially at low
temperatures, while simultaneously increasing gear box efficiency.

The specially selected ester oils also provide excellent cleaning properties for the gear teeth.


RENOLIN UNISYN XT 320 is a next generation PAO base wind gear oil.

It delivers outstanding performance and offers significant advantages for starting behavior at low temperatures compared to conventional PAO grade base oils.

Its innovative PAO base oil combined with a special EP/AW additive technology opens the door to value-added benefits.  It offers a lower operating temperature range compared to conventional PAO based gear oils, while providing excellent filterability and micro-pitting protection.

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RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 320 Product Features:

  • Low foaming
  • Good air release capacity
  • Very good aging resistance
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior
  • High natural VI (Viscosity Index)
  • Excellent wear protection, high EP performance
  • Miscible with mineral oil and ester-based gear oils
  • Suitable for high and low operating temperatures
  • Fully-synthetic gear oil based on PAO
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent filterability
  • Excellent material compatibility

GEARMASTER ECO 320 Product Features:

  • Good aging resistance
  • Maximum load bearing capacity
  • Low susceptibility to foaming
  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Very good corrosion protection

RENOLIN UNISYN XT 320 Product Features:

  • Excellent low temperature behavior
  • Low foaming
  • Good air release capacity
  • Very good ageing resistance
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Very high natural VI (Viscosity Index)
  • Multi-grade character
  • Excellent wear protection, high EP performance
  • Miscible with mineral oil and ester-based gear oils
  • Lifetime lubrication possible
  • For high and low operating temperatures

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