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Wonderful Conclusion for Taklimakan Rally 2018

Wonderful Conclusion for Taklimakan Rally 2018 - FUCHS Lubricants, Winning Formula of Double-Champ Navara

For the sake of environmental protection, Taklimakan Rally’s committee canceled the last timed section (Stage 9) of the race on June 13th, ending the event prematurely after 8 stages. After two weeks of fierce competition, the 2018 Taklimakan Rally concluded successfully on the 13th at Xinjiang Ice Sports Centre.

This year’s rally passes Urumqi, Turpan, Hami and Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, covering nearly 5,000km with 9 special stages of 2,800km. Snow-capped mountains, deserts, lakes, vertical sand dunes and yardangs featured prominently this time. The race attracted a total entry of 90 automobiles and 16 motorcycles.

Having watched the rally, it evidently showed the contest of both motoring skills and perseverance. To perform well during intense, long-distance rallies like the Taklimakan Rally requires mental toughness, versatility, and a strong support crew. Temperatures reaching 40℃, unforeseeable sandstorms and the labyrinth of race tracks could not deter the drivers from marching forward like frontier warriors. With fortitude, they braved mud and soil, wind and rain for the sole purpose of staging this off-road extravaganza.

Improved cross-country vehicles in the T1 Group engaged in a battle of performance and speed; while cross-country series production vehicles in the T2 Group competed in terms of control and endurance when traversing under high temperatures, through water-crossings and across varied landforms such as open Gobi desert and continuous dunes.

With the assistance of FUCHS lubricants, Zhengzhou Nissan’s Team Navara came in first in the T2 Group (Cross-Country Series Production Vehicles) and emerged as double champion in the T2.1 Group (Petrol Cross-Country Series Production Vehicles).

Winning the race was no easy feat - it could only be achieved with a close-knitted team who ensured the automobiles performed their best. For this race, FUCHS Lubricants contributed “energy drinks” in the form of synthetic engine oils, antifreeze coolant, gear oils, brake fluids and many more. They provided the best protection to Navara’s vital components such as engines, gearboxes and brake systems, building a strong foundation which led to the ultimate victory of Champ Navara.

Mr. Yang Zhiyuan, Marketing Director of FUCHS China, appeared at the prize presentation to congratulate Team Navara as well as to find out from the field and support crew the pros and cons of FUCHS lubricants throughout the race. By tapping on the perspectives of top technical specialists, FUCHS can continuously improve products and provide effective all-round automobile protection.

Though the curtain has been rung down for Taklimakan Rally 2018, FUCHS Lubricants stays on the road. We continue to commit ourselves to providing all-round protection to automobiles and ensuring their superior performance. FUCHS never stops!

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