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SS2-Taklimakan Rally 2018

FUCHS Teams up with Nissan Team Navara at the 2018 Taklimakan Rally - Stage 2

The second special stage (SS2) of the 2018 Taklimakan Rally took place on June 4th. After yesterday’s race across treacherous terrain extending up to 240 km, the tracks today only proved to be more challenging. Soft and undulating sand dunes of Kumtag Desert formed a “sea of fire” which, instead of offering a welcoming warm-up leg to the eager racers, subdued their hopes with its heated passion.

Today, the SS2 (Amway leg) ran 297 km across Kumtag Desert. Consisting of two portions, the race covered the scenic spot of mirages to the 25-km mark along the C115 track, as well as the 297.75-km special stage. Temperatures shot over 45 degrees Celsius (°C), while the highest reading on the tracks exceeded 70 °C, pushing both automobiles and their drivers to the limit.

All racers could only accept these unforgiving conditions. As the track is made up of sand, mud and rocks, the automobiles literally stirred up sandstorms in their wake. Visibility remained low for hundreds of kilometers, increasing the difficulty of the race.

However, that did not deter our racers whose full confidence came from our formidable support crew. From engines and tires to gears and brakes, FUCHS’ lubricants protected every minute detail and guaranteed the superior performance of Navara.

After many gruelig hours of racing, Zhengzhou Nissan’s Team Navara finished the SS2 smoothly and headed immediately to their pit stop. It was heartening to note that after this stage, the Navara trucks remained in tip-top condition, with credit duly given to FUCHS Lubricants. The drivers also sang praises of Navara, commending its all-round excellence from ignition to steering and braking.

Despite having completed the current stage, greater challenges awaited them. High temperatures may affect performances of automobiles, but we believe FUCHS Lubricants will fulfill its promise and present a better Nissan Navara in upcoming races. Stay tuned!

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