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SS3-Taklimakan Rally 2018

Team Navara overcame sweltering heat and busted tires as they took on the desert

Beijing: The 2018 Taklimakan Rally, an international off-road racing event held in Xinjiang province, saw the completion of its third special stage (SS3) on June 5th. The trackbegan at Shanshan; after traversing 327 km of the special stage portion, the racers finished at Z486 near the 17-km mark. SS3 measured longer than SS1 and SS2, breaking the 300-km mark. With the increasing heat, this third-stretch of the first part launched yet another valiant assault.

Unlike previous days, the weather was considerably good. Although the scorching sun hid away, swirling sands engulfed the drivers and their machines. Spanning a total of 327 km, SS3 consisted mainly of hills and plains with threats of soft sand dunes which defeated numerous vehicles. This looped rally requires both versatile motoring skills and resilient automobiles, not one without the other.

The escalating difficulty of the circuits makes for one of the main highlights of this year’s rally. The varied terrain challenges a driver’s ability to maneuver through sand and pushes a vehicle’s potential to scramble down rocky plains; teamwork is also put to the test. Countless tires were busted during the race; the rim was all that remained on some. Tire pressures were not the only ones reaching their limits.

As the vehicle thundered down the race track in temperatures reaching 60 °C, the engine produced an odd sound. Thankfully the support crew was well-equipped with the “magic potion” of motor racing—FUCHSSupersyn 5W-40, which injected new life into the engine. Finally, the duo’sperseverance and superb driving paid off, and Zhengzhou Nissan’s Team Navara could celebrate their accomplishment at the end point.

The first stage has come to an end, and the racers can take their first break from action. While they rest and recover, our support crew toils on to service the vehicles and ensure their peak performances; the second stage will start with a bang on June 7th. May Team Navara set more new records!

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