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SS8-Taklimakan Rally 2018

Taklimakan Rally Stage 8: Zhengzhou-Nissan Leading with Consistency

Stage 8, the penultimate stage of Taklimakan Rally 2018, took place on June 12th. The 375.29-km special stage of SS8 took participants through varied terrain of sand dunes, Gobi deserts, yardangs and steppes. This extended track offered the best opportunity for improving timings. The final section served as a true test of the drivers’ stamina and endurance and the abilities of support crews. Any mistake would deem victory elusive.

Despite lower temperatures in Changji as compared to Hami, the heat was still unbearable for the drivers who were wrapped in thick race suits and helmets. Zhengzhou Nissan’s Team Navara showed excellent performance in previous stages, clinching top spots in four of them and leading the T2 group in overall ranking. As such, the team chose to follow through with consistency.

The next day marks the final stage of Taklimakan Rally 2018. Competition among contenders in the T1 Group has intensified; Stage 9 will become the determinant of this championship showdown. May Zhengzhou Nissan’s Team Navara keep up their stunning performance and steer towards victory in this year’s rally.

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