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TITAN lubricants from FUCHS are the result of modern research and development by the largest independent lubricant specialist worldwide. The TITAN range offers a large selection of high-quality TITAN engine oils, gear oils and hydraulic for all vehicles and machines in construction, in forwarding or in agriculture - with FUCHS you get the right lubricant with original manufacturer approvals from a single source.

With TITAN, FUCHS has been represented in many electric and hybrid vehicles of leading premium manufacturers for several years. Lubricants which, in addition to conventional applications, are also suitable for use in electrified drives, are labelled with BluEV Technology.

Developed with the leading car manufacturers, conform to the requirements of modern applications:

  • powerful
  • fuel-efficient
  • extremely resilient
  • and with maximum wear protection.

With XTL® technology, TITAN engine oils and gear oils get faster and easier to the engine or transmission points where the protective film is needed, even under extreme conditions and over the entire oil change interval of the vehicle.

With the choice of the TITAN portfolio for cars, trucks or commercial vehicles you decide for

  • easier starts
  • less wear
  • lower oil consumption
  • lower fuel consumption
  • first-class raw materials
  • highest production quality
  • written releases of the manufacturer
  • advanced lubricant solutions

TITAN engine oils and gear oils stand for reliability. Find the right oil for your vehicle here.

Max execution time: 240