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Solidarity Initiative covid-19:

Free motor oil for private cars and motorcycles of medical and related personnel during the State of Alarm

The crisis of the coronavirus is serving to highlight the work of many people who are indispensable to society as a whole. This is the case of the personnel who, working in the front line of exposure, make medical care possible.

That is why at FUCHS we want to contribute modestly from our speciality, with the best we know how to do: lubricants, to continue with their work, taking care of their particular means of transport.

If you are a health worker, or work in health institutions providing cleaning, cooking and other related services (also including the pharmaceutical sector) and your car or motorbike needs an oil change, we will provide you with the motor oil you need free of charge in a recommended workshop or of your choice.

Our oil selector can help you find out which is the optimum engine oil for your vehicle, check it out here.

Contact and send us your request:

a/a Encarna Correa | Tlf. +34 937 730 218 | Email: automocion.es@fuchs.com


Details of the solidarity iniative:

The motor oil will be provided free of charge as long as the oil change is required according to the recommendations in the maintenance book and the warranty.

The solidarity initiative is aimed only at private cars and motorbikes owned by the aforementioned personnel, not including vehicles owned by companies or rental companies or vehicles owned by official bodies.

The initiative will be in operation during the current alarm period or until the stocks dedicated to this initiative have run out. 

Phone contact
+34 93 547 58 59
Business hours:

24 hours - 365 days