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How do I descale / deep clean my washing machine after several weeks of downtime?

Here you will find tips for restarting your FUCHS BIOSEVEN or FUCHS ECO BIO after an inactivity period

FUCHS product management experts recommend the following measures:

Treat the machine with RENOCLEAN F 50. Do not wash parts during the entire treatment. To do this:

  • Add 10% of RENOCLEAN F 50 concentrate to the alkaline detergent bath in place
  • Heat to 50 °
  • Put the pump into service and let it run for 4 hours
  • Drain Rinse the tank with clear water while running the pump for 30 min
  • Drain Renew the rinsing by adding 1% of alkaline washing powder usually used
  • Let the pump run for 30 min
  • Drain This final operation is intended to neutralize the acidity of RENOCLEAN F50 (very important)
  • Raise a new bath and resume normal activity.

And there you are, your equipment is operational.

If you have any doubts or other technical questions, do not hesitate to contact our hotline on 01 41 37 79 31.

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