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Your hydraulic systems were shut down for several weeks ?

Here you will find tips part of a restart of your activity


FUCHS Product Management Experts recommend the following:

• Before anything else, check the general condition, tightness and cleanliness of your tank. Then fill it using the filtration system to obtain the cleanliness of the oil necessary for the proper functioning of your installation.
• Use the same process to fill the casings of the rotating parts (pumps and motors).
• Check the general condition of the pipes and especially the hoses. Once the braid reinforcing them is visible, discard and replace them.
• Also check that the supports are in good condition to prevent premature damage to the piping.

• When the installation is commissioned, purge it completely in air. The presence of air in the oil will adversely affect its incompressibility and therefore the performance of the hydraulic system. In addition, air bubbles can explode on contact with the rotating parts of the engines and pumps causing premature deterioration (cavitation).
• Finally, monitor all your pressures and flow rates to ensure that the machines are operating at optimum conditions.
If sludge or varnish is formed in pipes that are not accessible or replaceable, add the FUCHS HYDRAULIC CLEANER additive (5%) to the hydraulic oil. Its speed of action depends on the temperature of the oil in operation. Here are the ideal treatment times:

Duration of treatment (hours)Oil temperatures (°C)


If you have any other technical questions, please contact our hot line at 01 41 37 79 31.

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