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You had to stop your biolgical partwasher for several weeks ?

Here you will find tips for restarting your FUCHS BIOSEVEN or FUCHS ECO BIO after an inactivity period

FUCHS product management experts recommend the following measures:

  • If the fountain has been disconnected, Reconnect it heat it
  • Check the washing bath surface. In case of an oily supernatant, you can net this layer with an oleophilic filter.
  • Circulate the detergent in order to oxygenate the bath
  • Clean the Nettoyer the corbeil
  • Concerning FUCHS ECO BIO, remove the old enzymatic filter and throw it
  • When the temperature has reached 38°C, place a new SPECINET BIO FILTER enzymatic filter in the FUCHS ECO BIO fountain, or insert a RENOCLEAN BIOSEVEN pellet into the FUCHS BIOSEVEN fountain.

Here you go, the fountain is operational.

If you have any other technical questions, please contact our hot line at 01 41 37 79 31.

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