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Project of the Year - Innovation (2021)

Coding for my Future!

This year's additional prize for an outstanding project in the field of innovation goes to the association "Das andere SchulZimmer gemeinnützige UG".

"Das andere SchulZimmer" prepares young people aged around 15 to 27 who have dropped out of the school system and are in difficult life situations for an out-of-school lower secondary school or intermediate secondary school qualification and subsequent entry into a profession. Many students have shown particular interest in the field of "media and programming," which offers good career opportunities. The "Coding for my Future!" project addresses this need. Parallel to the lessons of "Das andere SchulZimmer", the students acquire basic programming skills. The project takes place twice a week for 2 to 3 hours each in presence or (if required) online. In small groups and individually guided by IT experts, they work their way into the IT world step by step.


Coding for my Future!


Das andere SchulZimmer gemeinnützige UG

Target group

The target group of "Das andere SchulZimmer" and the project "Coding for my Future!" includes socially disadvantaged young people between the ages of about 15 and 27, for example school and training dropouts, young parents, refugees, young people with a migration background, former delinquents, traumatized persons, physically or mentally ill persons, young people with drug problems and those who have experienced bullying at school.

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