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Extreme oil technology with many advantages

X as in eXceptional. X as in eXtreme. These words sum up the properties of the XTL® technology in our engine oils: exceptional performance, in extreme conditions and temperatures. These oils reduce fuel and oil consumption, while also improving cold-start properties.

Imagine an engine oil that lubricates at extreme temperatures. It also reduces your fuel and oil consumption. And it retains your performance and provides far better protection for the whole time between oil changes. These are the essential advantages of FUCHS XTL® technology.

“The abbreviation stands for ‘eXtreme Temperature Lubrication’. It’s a new generation of vehicle lubricants with exceptional performance in extreme conditions and temperatures,” says Jan Alm, Product Manager Automotive at FUCHS Nordic.

Unique properties
One of the secrets behind the technology is the special base oil, which gives the end product superb viscosity-temperature properties. The oil also has better ageing stability and lower viscosity increase over time.

“This is partly why it performs so well and reliably, for the whole time between oil changes,” says Alm.

Saves fuel and oil
Engine oils based on XTL® technology offer less friction, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. Our tests show that fuel consumption decreases by up to 1.7% compared to a high-performance SAE 10W-40.

“Oil consumption also decreases, since these oils are less volatile and don’t evaporate to the same degree,” Alm explains.

Temperature resistance and engine protection
Engine oils based on XTL® technology are easily pumped, ensuring that they lubricate the vital engine parts quickly and effectively. This reduces wear and allows faster, gentler cold starts even in severely low temperatures.

“The XTL® technology also keeps the engine clean and protects it against corrosion and wear generally,” says Alm. “And as I said, this is true not only when the oil’s new, but throughout the time between oil changes.”

Advantages of XTL® technology in brief:

  • Better cold-start properties: up to 55% faster oil circulation* and up to 35% faster cold starts*
  • Lower energy consumption: Up to 1.7% further reduction in fuel consumption*
  • Lower oil consumption: Up to 18% lower*
  • Improved ageing stability: 38% lower viscosity increase. Because of this the performance and operational reliability are better for the whole time between oil changes. 

* Compared to a conventional high-performance SAE 5W-30 oil.

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