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Tips to secure your lubrication maintenance

Here are a few tips that help you keep good order in your lubrication maintenance. They reduce the risk of operational disruptions and unplanned stoppages and is a key component of Preventive Maintenance.

Focus on good order in both the handling and storage of lubricants. What is necessary should be easily accessible and have a given place. That makes the maintenance more secure and not person-dependent, since it makes it easy for everyone to do the right thing.

  • have a dedicated lubricant store
  • label equipment and products so that everyone knows what’s what
  • give each type of grease its own sprayer and each oil its own can
  • make sure that oil refill containers are sealed to keep dust and dirt out

Clean up regularly. A clean, tidy store reduces the risk of mistakes and contains no contaminated lubricants, which can increase wear and lead to machine disruptions.

  • prevent spillage using absorption materials and oil collectors
  • clean around lubrication points and in the oil store
  • clean and tidy a little every day, and do a main clean once a week
  • set a standard and making sure it’s on a checklist

Standardize procedures and decide where, when and how things should be done. Document the routines so it establishes a historical record of what has been done. This makes life easier in the event of sudden problems, but also in work on continuous improvements.

  • make a to-do list for support and continuity, e.g. in oil changes, analyses, machine care and cleaning
  • have control procedures to assure work on labelling, cleaning and good order
  • include the measures in lists/standards in maintenance systems or in Excel so they are easy to find, follow and update

More tips on how to secure the lubrication maintenance can be found here.





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