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Customer cases

Case: Cementa

“Without lubricants, the plant would grind to a halt!”

With thousands of tonnes of cement being produced every day and machines working under extremely tough conditions, Cementa has to know that everything is working as it should. Preventive maintenance with the right lubricants is a vital factor in keeping the plant running.

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Case: SSAB

Collaboration project with SSAB led to a new biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Swedish steel giant SSAB was phasing out coal from its steel operations, and also wanted to change to more environmentally sustainable lubricants – so they contacted FUCHS. The close partnership led to a unique, biodegradable hydraulic fluid for the steel industry and hydraulic systems.

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Case: Shower cubicle

The feeling of quality is evident even in the shower

One of our customers, who makes bespoke bathroom fittings, is meticulous about quality down to the finest detail. So when a new shower door was being developed, soft opening and closing was a must. Our challenge was to find the ‘right feel’ using the right lubricant for the hinges.

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Case: Hardwood

With our help, also exotic woods can take bitter cold

One of our customers wanted to offer their end customers a new component in hardwood, and faced a serious challenge: when the temperature fell, the friction against an existing plastic surface increased.

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Case: Moelven

Good day-to-day dialogue – the key to stable collaboration

At Moelven, working with us saves money. It also makes production more efficient, as each machine is matched with the right lubricant and the right expertise. This has laid the foundation for a partnership in which day-to-day dialogue is pivotal.

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Case: Scana Steel Björneborg

Rapid assistance for Scana Steel Björneborg

When Scana Steel Björneborg ran into difficulties with their hardening process there was a sense of urgency. FUCHS helped out with a record speed oil analysis. It simplified the problem solving and limited the production stoppage at the facility in Värmland, Sweden.

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Case: Nynas

Oil switch brought record saving

Better performance, easier maintenance and SEK 400,000 in lower costs – this was the result of our collaboration with Nynas refinery in Nynäshamn. The products now being used also reduce impact on the environment.

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Quality and precision demand the right solution

A metalworking company that makes special products for international aerospace and defence customers needed to review its lubricant solution. The company had extremely high quality and production demands, and the machines had to run with flawless perfection around the clock, without any waste.

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A less conventional solution that produces top results

We were contacted by an ultra-modern sawmill that had long been having problems with its large central lubrication system. They had recently transitioned from being a traditional sawmill to being a modern processing industry. Needless to say, the central lubrication problems were devastating for the newly built, hyper-modern saw with high demands on performance and efficiency.

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The right lubricant saved over SEK 795,000 a year

A large manufacturer of plumbing and bathroom products needed to review its work processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. They initially used an effective basic drawing oil when drawing bathtubs. However, the oil meant that all the bathtubs had to be washed before going on to welding, steeping and enamelling – a time-consuming process.

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Case: Product Development

Smart product development simplifies propeller replacement

A company that leads the world in propellers and water jets needed an oil product that enabled propellers to be replaced under water. Bringing a ship into dry dock to change a propeller is an expensive business. But then again, changing one under water is not exactly straightforward either. 

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