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Here we have collected some videos, blog posts, articles and tips & advice that might interest you. Put shortly, knowledge that is meant to inspire.

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Lubricants are found everywhere

We have a complete offering of lubrication products for industrial equipment, trucks, forestry machines, oil rigs, ships, power plants – in fact wherever lubrication is needed.

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Lubricate right and save energy

Energy efficiency goes without saying in many companies – in fact it may even be a government requirement. And smarter lubrication can make a big difference. The right products and routines save energy, while also assuring the technical performance of the machinery.

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Choose the right viscosity – save energy, money and the environment

Energy efficiency is an integral issue in many companies today, both to reduce costs and to meet the latest energy directives and environmental requirements. A lot of people believe that finances and the environment are conflicting issues, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

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Rationalise your compressed air processes and reap the benefits

Do you use compressed air anywhere in your business? If you work in industry, the answer is most probably yes. Around 70% of industrial companies in Europe use compressed air in some part of their operation. That’s so much, that roughly 10% of all industrial electricity is used just to generate compressed air. In Europe alone. But this is a figure that can be reduced…

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5S – a system for securing lubrication maintenance

Securing lubrication maintenance is a key component of Preventive Maintenance (PM). It also reduces the risk of operational disruptions and unplanned stoppages. And when people, machines and production resources work together optimally, quality and productivity increase.

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Ten tips that deliver big time

Store and use your lubricants correctly. You have so much to gain. And to help you, I’ve put together ten great practical tips. The little extra effort will pay for itself many times over, making your lubricant management easier, safer and smarter.

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Tips for more efficient handling of cutting fluids

There are many benefits to be gained from streamlining the handling of cutting fluids, everything from fewer unplanned stoppages to a longer service life for tools and machines. Follow these tips and you’ll considerably increase your chances of keeping production at a consistent high level.

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Case: Cementa

“Without lubricants, the plant would grind to a halt!”

With thousands of tonnes of cement being produced every day and machines working under extremely tough conditions, Cementa has to know that everything is working as it should. Preventive maintenance with the right lubricants is a vital factor in keeping the plant running.

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Case: SSAB

Goal: steel production with no environmental impact

Swedish steel giant SSAB was phasing out coal from its steel operations, and also wanted to change to more environmentally sustainable lubricants – so they contacted FUCHS. The close partnership led to a unique, biodegradable hydraulic fluid for the steel industry and hydraulic systems.

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Environmentally adapted lubricants with top-level performance

Nowadays there are many environmentally adapted lubricants that offer top-level performance. These products are an everyday feature in large parts of the forestry industry, and the construction industry is going the same way. To meet demands and win new business, it is key to have the right lubricants in the hydraulics.

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Climate compensation – buying our innocence?

Climate compensating as a way of reducing environmental impact is nothing new, and most of us have come across the issue in one way or another. Recently, however, questions have started to be asked about how well the method actually works. Is it just a way of buying innocence? 

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Why do we talk so little about the opportunities of heavy vehicles when it comes to environmental matters?

Talking positively about vehicle lubricants, heavy goods traffic and the environment may not seem completely natural, but it’s definitely something we should be better at. Partly because the level of different kinds of emissions has actually already improved significantly over the years, and partly because there are major gains to be made by anyone who has heavy vehicles to lubricate.

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What makes a product sustainable?

By now most people understand the importance of sustainability, and the fact that the products we produce and use have the lowest possible impact on our climate and environment. But what is it that determines how sustainable a product is? 

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How lubricating oil became clean tech

Environmentally adapted lubricants are available in many areas and are advanced clean tech. Degradable and renewable have been key words in the development journey that began 30 years ago and paved the way for many high-performance products.

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How to make wind power even greener

Oil leaks from wind turbines can pollute soil and water. However, this can be avoided by using green lubricants where possible. They cause no pollution and degrade naturally if they leak.

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Electric cars bring new challenges in automotive

Imagine sitting in your new electric car and driving away. It’s quite a new experience to glide along in silence, isn’t it? But actually, is it really as quiet as you thought it would be?!

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Digital future with ‘talking’ lubricants

Digitalisation is redefining the playing field in many industries. The area of lubricants is no exception. The products of the future will tell us how they are doing and what kind of maintenance they need. Meanwhile, smart new systems are being launched that can even order their own spare parts.

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Waste – an ingredient in future lubricants

Waste could be the key to smarter production and lower environmental impact. That’s because some types of waste can be used to produce lubricants – a new approach that can save both money and the environment.

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3D printing – new technology that presents a challenge

Metalworking is a major area for lubrication – and also one undergoing major changes! To follow the development of metalworking – such a powerful and precision-led field – and also watching it evolve so dramatically as it’s challenged by new 3D printing technology, is fascinating indeed.

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The rapidly evolving automotive industry

The news is full of new electric and hybrid concepts from vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, we are hearing how cities want to ban diesel vehicles on their streets in the not too distant future. These are clear signs that the industry is changing, challenging our ideas of technology, lubrication – and also mobility. Yes, these are certainly exciting times.

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Did you know...

Did you know is a series of short films that gives you hands on tips and advice in regards to lubricants, how to choose and use. All "Did you know..." films can be found here.

Did you know that we test how lubricants affect the head on a glass of beer?

Did you know that over-lubrication causes many cases of bearing failure?

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