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RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is a neutral pH neutral detergent formulated on the basis of biodegradable raw materials. In addition, a significant proportion of these raw materials come from renewable resources.

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is a high-performance, ready-to-use cleaning product for all industrial cleaning and maintenance applications.

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces and materials: metals, painted surfaces, synthetic materials and coatings, tiles, ceramics, glass ...

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 removes most of the mineral, organic or animal greasy soiling in production or maintenance workshops.

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is used for the cleaning of mechanical parts, machinery and production tools, casings and frames machines, infrastructures, floors (tiled, painted or with synthetic coatings) in all sectors of activity (industry, aeronautics, transport, community ..) Application

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is used pure at room temperature or diluted as required.

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is used with a rag, a brush, a manual sprayer or a scrubbing machine for the mechanized washing of floors.

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 can also be used as a degreasing detergent fountain. 

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