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For us, it is important to always move forward. The development is fast, and we want to be at the forefront when it comes to lubrication solutions of both today and the future. Here we have collected some reading about how we work with, and think about innovation. We try to keep the world moving, both today and tomorrow.

FUCHS in space

Today’s space industry is vastly different than it was just a decade ago. Gone are the days when space exploration was limited to government-funded missions. Today, private companies within and outside of the aerospace sector are rushing to explore the great unknown with both large and small satellites and spacecraft.

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Connectors – Small but crucial components

You can find them everywhere. Connectors conduct electricity to your cordless drill, they transfer the signal that activates your car’s ABS system, and they’re even what make the servers work at data centres. Connectors are small components, but they play a key part in guaranteeing that electrical products and electronic systems work properly.

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Lubricant solutions and related products for e-mobility concepts

The latest e-mobility concepts present more than just vehicle manufacturers with major challenges. The transformation in propulsion technology is also a huge task for suppliers, as the solutions they provide must meet completely new requirements. We are heavily involved in these developments.

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We use rigorous testing to optimise the beer head

Yes, it’s true! We are actually that geeky when it comes to developing lubricants for the brewing industry. In beer production, there’s always a small risk that tiny amounts of lubricant end up in the beverage, for instance when sealing the cans, or in the mixer if the gearbox is placed above the tank.

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Innovative cutting fluids and their key role in making medical implants

Lubrication goes without saying in the automotive and other heavy industry. But did you know that lubricants also play a key role in manufacturing high-tech products, including medical implants?

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Digital future with ‘talking’ lubricants

Digitalisation is redefining the playing field in many industries. The area of lubricants is no exception. The products of the future will tell us how they are doing and what kind of maintenance they need. Meanwhile, smart new systems are being launched that can even order their own spare parts.

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3D printing – new technology that presents a challenge

Metalworking is a major area for lubrication – and also one undergoing major changes! To follow the development of metalworking – such a powerful and precision-led field – and also watching it evolve so dramatically as it’s challenged by new 3D printing technology, is fascinating indeed.

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How lubricating oil became clean tech

Environmentally adapted lubricants are available in many areas and are advanced clean tech. Degradable and renewable have been key words in the development journey that began 30 years ago and paved the way for many high-performance products.

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Electric cars bring new challenges in automotive

Imagine sitting in your new electric car and driving away. It’s quite a new experience to glide along in silence, isn’t it? But actually, is it really as quiet as you thought it would be?!

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