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Did you know that over-lubrication causes many cases of bearing failure? 

Research shows that between 30% and 40 % of bearing failures are linked to over-lubrication. To avoid this, it is vital to use the right amount of lubricant, at the right time. More is not better. On the contrary. To much lubricant can lead to increased temperature, greases can age faster and become thicker, putting a strain on the engineering. Also, make sure the pressure in the grease gun is not too high. This can cause waer, damage seals, lead to leakage which causes corrosion, and also increases the risk of breakdown.

For more tips and advice, download our Grease Handbook.

Did you know that the right hydraulic oil decreases energy loss?

Therefore, choose an oil with the right properties, especially in terms of viscsity. An oil with lower viscosity is easier to "pull" around the hydraulic system, thus reducing energy loss and saving money. Many people choose a high-viscosity oil out of habit, but this is an area worth reflecting on to achieve improved lubrication and lower costs.  

For more tips, read our blog post about hydraulic fluids.

Did you know that oil can act as a heated garage in a can?

With a thinner engine oil, you avoid having to idle to keep the engine ticking over on cold days. This oil improved startability and reduces wear, and is therefore known as "a heated garage in a can". And of course, no idling is good news for your finances and the environment! 

For more tips, read our blog post about vehicle lubrication.

Did you know that the oil flow in a truck engine moves quickly and a long way?

The oil covers a distance of 9,5 metres as it travels round all the nooks and crannies of an engine. Consequently, it's crucial that there's no soot or oxidation to obstruct the flow of oil. Due to the constant flow, each component in the engine is passed and lubricated by 135 litres of oil per minute. 

Do you have the right engine oil? Find out with our online oil guide.

Reduce wear with the right choice of cutting fluid

Choosing the right cutting fluid reduces the number of unplanned breakdowns and increases the life of both tools and cutting fluid. We guide you in what to consider when choosing a product.

Learn more about cutting fluids here.

Avoid break downs with regular oil analysis (in Swedish)

Read more about our oil analysis services here.

Tailor made Lubricant solutions at Cementa

With a structured overview of lubrication points and needs, Cementa on Gotland could reduce both cost but also the number of products by about 30%.

Read more about our customers here.

Choose the right lubricant for large industries

Large industries with extreme conditions require the proper lubricant. We help our customers choose the right lubricants tailored to their needs and applications.

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Increase performance with proper lubrication for very large machines

Huge  machines with maximum load of 90 tonnes call for meticulos care. Select the proper lubrication to increase the performance and service life of your machines.

Read more about our products here.

Increase performance with proper lubrication

Proper lubrication increases the performance and service life of your machines.

Read more about our products here.

Decrease oil consumption with FUCHS XTL® Technology

Did you know that our high-tech enginge oil offers up to 35% faster starts in extreme cold, 18% lower oil consumption and 1,7% lower fuel consumption?

Read more about XTL® -technology here.

The development of a new type of hydraulic oil

HYDRAWAY BIO was invented from a technical collaboration between clients and business partners, which optimized both oil and the use of the oil. The result was a customized product based on the client's specific needs.

Read more about our hydraulic fluids here.

Customized lubricants tailored to your needs

We at FUCHS help your company to tailor an optimal lubricant solution customized to your challenges and needs.

Learn more about how we can help your business here.

Reduced environmental impact in shipping with STERNWAY BIO

Did you know that our oil STERNWAY BIO is based on renewables and is readily degradable? It was developed to reduce the environmental impact on shipping and to meet clean shipping requirements.

Read more about marine lubricants here.

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