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Plant survey

Lubricants and lubrication have more of an impact on profitability and productivity than many companies imagine. Surveys show that Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in industry is under 60%.

In other words, productivity is reduced by 40% because production is not operating fully or delivering as planned – often due to inadequate or incorrect lubrication.

With the right lubrication companies in heavy industries like steel, metal and paper could reduce their maintenance budget by 10-20%, according to estimates carried out by the industries themselves, while also avoiding costly downtime.

Lower costs
The right lubrication also helps to reduce costs in other areas. For example, a modern lubricating oil can reduce energy costs by SEK 200-300,000 per year in a medium-sized industrial company. But there are other savings too: fewer oil changes, fewer stoppages, less machine component replacement, fewer lubricant suppliers, less administration and lower storage costs could easily save the same company a further SEK 150-200,000. 

Better for the environment
There are also environmental gains to be had from having the right lubrication. Higher energy efficiency reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and a longer product life means less waste oil to deal with and less transportation to and from the factory. 

Increase efficiency – without investment
Here at FUCHS Lubricants, we have a method for helping you to optimize your lubrication. In a systematic review we identify any opportunities for raising efficiency and cutting costs, and also the potential to increase capacity – without new investment. We call this review our Plant Survey. Please feel free to contact us for a review of your operation.


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