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Testing capabilities at Fors

It’s soon time to move the lab and R&D department to Fors. Maria Eklund, Senior Director R&D, is looking forward to the imminent relocation, even though the work ahead of it does present some major challenges.

We may have a highly complex move coming up, one that places huge demands on planning, preparation and testing, but it’s also a very exciting development that I’m very much looking forward to. It will be great to move to brand new premises in a brand new, tailor-made production plant. It’s particularly good that the new facility has been planned with natural, common meeting-points, which will make it easy to exchange questions and experiences between departments. A closer collaboration between development and production will help our customers and make work more fun.

"It’s now time for us at R&D to take part in the phase known as process qualification."

Right now, we’re in an important and very exciting phase in the run-up to relocating. After the extensive process of checking the plant’s functions and installations, it’s now time for us at R&D to take part in the phase known as process qualification, which involves trial runs of manufacturing actual products. So in May we’re testing the new production plant’s ability to manufacture products of the same quality as before.

Here in the R&D department, we’re helping to develop test plans and the lab is analysing samples from trial production, to assess and ensure that the products are of just the right quality. It’s very important for us to test run and analyse the products before moving on to serial production, in order to guarantee that we can deliver the high standard our customers expect.

This phase of process qualification and trial runs is incredibly important, and a huge responsibility. In an ideal world everything would obviously run without any hiccups, but experience tells us that there will be some challenges; that’s all part of the process. But with our thorough planning and high state of preparedness, I’m confident that we’re well equipped to deal with any challenges that may arise.

We’re ready!

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