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Motorcycle lubricants

From Tourers to Superbikes, Weekend Rider to full on Racer

FUCHS Silkolene is a truly global brand sold in over 50 countries with over 30 years R&D expertise. Our products are used, approved and demanded by leading professional race teams including MotoGP, World Superbikes, British Superbikes, Motocross, Speedway and Karting.

Developed using the latest lubricant technologies our products offer users measurable performance improvements. Over the last few years our products have developed into the most comprehensive 100% dedicated Motorcycle range. The development of our Market leading XP Technology, offers increased fuel economy, reduced oil consumption, improved API specs and enhanced BHP across the Pro 4 and Comp 4 range.

During the development of XP, an extensive development program was conducted, new formulations rigorously tried and tested and compared with reputable competitor products in the same type engines. This research showed us what gave the best improvements across a range of requirements and led to the launch of our new and improved range of motorcycle engine oils utilising XP Technology.

XP uses the latest technology, which means that only FUCHS SILKOLENE can offer: 

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Prepare your bike for winter storage

Top tips on how to correctly store your bike over the winter period.

Prepare your bike for winter storage

  • Changing the oil prior to any prolonged period of storage will help drain any sludge or contaminants that may have deposited in your sump.
  • Visit the product selector at silkonene.com to find the correct oil.
  • Seal any exposed metal parts, bolts and screws with Silkolene Pro Prep and/or All In One to help prevent corrosion or rust whilst in storage.
  • Our products are safe to use on all body parts, exposed rubbers & plastics.
  • Remove the battery and place on a battery charger suitable for seasonal and long-term connection.
  • Store your bike off the ground using a motorcycle stand to prevent your rubber tyres standing on the same spot for a long period of time.
  • Cover with a clean, fitted and breathable motorcycle cover.
  • Follow these tips to ensure your motorcycle is fighting fit for spring.
  • Consult your local motorcycle dealer for further advice and to source suitable products.

How to check your engine oil

A video guide showing you how to correctly check the engine oil on your motorcycle.

How to check your engine oil

  • Start the engine & leave the bike running for 5 minutes to warm up the oil.
  • Switch off the bike and leave for 15 minutes to allow the oil to settle.
  • Ensure your bike is parked on a level surface & stood up straight.
  • Compare the oil level in the sight glass to your manufacturer´s recommendation. This should be somewhere between the min/max mark.
  • If the oil is between the min/max line you are good to go. If it’s too low, you must top up the oil & fill to the desired level.
  • To find the correct oil for your bike, use our product selector at silkolene.com.

How to effectively lubricate your chain

A video guide showing you how to correctly lubricate your motorcycle's chain.

How to lubricate your chain

  • Remove the chain guard & cover the rear wheel.Tip: Use a bike stand to make this job easier.
  • Spray a warm chain with Silkolene Brake & Chain Cleaner. Leave for 15 minutes. Tip: Do this in a well ventilated area & switch off the engine.
  • Using a brush, scrub the chain & sprockets. Tip: A chain brush is ideal but an old tooth brush will work too.
  • Re-apply chain cleaner & wipe the chain with a clean rag.
  • Liberally apply Silkolene Chain Lube. Get inside ‘o-rings’ & avoid getting lubricant on tyres or brakes. Tip: Use Silkolene product selector to find the right product.
  • Gently wipe the chain with a rag to remove any excess lube.
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