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Engine oils

Engine oils developed for the demands of tomorrow

FUCHS engine oils are the result of research and development alongside leading automobile manufacturers. Our extensive range of engine oils is made for modern, high-tech engines. The products are powerful, fuel-efficient, durable and offer maximum wear protection.

Engine oils from FUCHS offer optimum protection and performance in the engines of all vehicles and machines in construction, freight forwarding and agriculture. Other tasks for the oils include lubrication, flushing, cooling and engine cleaning.

As a supplier to OEMs, we offer a complete range of engine oils of the highest OEM quality.

FUCHS engine oils

  • Engine oils for passenger cars
  • Diesel engine oils for heavy goods vehicles
  • Oils for mobile gas engines
  • Oils for stationary gas engines
  • Monograde engine oils
  • 4-stroke marine engine oil
  • 2-stroke marine engine oil
  • 2-stroke engine oils

How to get the right engine oil for your vehicle

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Get an overview of our wide range of engine oils for your vehicle.

Online oil guide
Search by licence plate number, or in steps by make and model.

Product program
Our automotive products in pdf-format (Swedish).

Did you know that thinner engine oils work perfectly well in heavy vehicles too?

Did you know that oil can act as a heated garage in a can?

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WLTP – new test procedure 
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Specifications, approvals and recommendations
Pay attention to three key features to check whether an engine oil is of OEM quality: specifications, approvals and recommendations.
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ACEA, API and OEM requirements
It’s all about oil specifications. The key to success is getting all the pieces to fit.
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One engine oil for all the heavy vehicles in your fleet. Is that possible?
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XTL® Technology
Extreme oil technology with many advantages
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