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Specifications, approvals and recommendations

Find the right oil for your workshop

You’re probably wondering which engine oil best suits you customer’s vehicles. Many engine oil manufacturers claim that their products are approved by OEMs.

But pay close attention to three key features to check whether an engine oil is OEM approved:


General: Physical and chemical properties alone are not enough to choose the right lubricant for an application. Careful engine and bench testing is therefore conducted to verify and report on a lubricant’s performance. These requirements are reflected in delivery instructions, manufacturer approvals and specifications.

A specification defines the requirements on the lubricant, describing both the physical and chemical properties which the test procedures cover.

Independent global organisations define engine oil performance in their specifications. Only when engine oils have met specific criteria are they designated a specification, such as ACEA and/or API.


Vehicle manufacturers, or OEMs, around the world check how suitable different engine oils are for their engine types. Each OEM issues a separate approval for these engine oils, which undergo extensive testing.

You can identify an engine oil suitable for Mercedes-Benz engines, for example, by the designation: “MB approval 229.51”.

An OEM approval, such as MB approval 229.51, means that the manufacturer approves the oil for use, and has confirmed this in writing with the lubricant manufacturer, or has issued a licence number.

This means that a reputable lubricant manufacturer can always document and certify approvals from different OEMs.


Responsible lubricant manufacturers also provide recommendations based on comprehensive vehicle tests and development partnerships, and clearly state that these are their own recommendations on packaging and product data sheets.

Where on a FUCHS label can I find the specifications, approvals and recommendations?

All products in the FUCHS range are clearly marked, and as you can see in the TITAN GT1 SAE 5W-40 example, we list specifications, OEM approvals and FUCHS recommendations in the appropriate way. This means that you can quickly and reliably find exactly the right oil for your vehicle.

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