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New grease bag for forestry

We are now introducing a new, user-friendly bag with our PLANTOGEL GREASEWAY BIO LIX ULTRA 400 lubricating grease. It’s a biodegradable year-round product for central lubrication of the chain/cutting bar in forest machines. The 3 kg bag takes up far less space than the previous 18 kg bucket, and after refilling it can easily be rolled up and disposed of as waste.

There are many advantages to using grease instead of oil when lubricating the chain and cutting bar. Because of its consistency, grease stays put in the lubrication point better than oil. This means less splashing and the machine does not need cleaning as often – less cleaning and a cleaner windscreen are quite simply safer for the machine operator.

The grease also has excellent sealing properties, offers good corrosion protection and can withstand very heavy loads. Using grease rather than oil to lubricate the chain and cutting bar uses far less product, which is better for the environment overall.

The bags are sold in boxes of 4 x 3 kg.

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