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Care for your cutting fluid before longer breaks

Many choose to change their cutting fluid and clean tanks, chip conveyors, etc. Others choose to save the fluid over the holiday periods. Whichever option you choose, there are some things to consider before a holiday break.

Change of fluid
When replacing the coolant, add CoolWay System Cleaner with 1.5% concentration in existing cutting fluid. Run normal operation for at least 24 hours, drain the fluid and clean mechanically. Fill up with new cutting fluid.

Keeping the fluid
If you choose to keep the cutting fluid during the holiday break, you should adjust the pH by adding 0.1-0.2% pH Booster 1 and possibly 0.2-0.4% ContramST-1/50 or 0.15% Contram MB 2100 in systems before stopping.

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ProductPackagingArticle no.
CoolWay System Cleaner20 liter can601131875
CoolWay System Cleaner208 liter barrel601184291
Contram ST-1/5020 liter can800267023
pH-Booster20 liter can601127229
pH-Booster4 liter can601190131
Contram MB 21005 liter can800277893

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