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Case: Product development

Smart product development simplifies propeller replacement

A company that leads the world in propellers and water jets needed an oil product that enabled propellers to be replaced under water. Bringing a ship into dry dock to change a propeller is an expensive business. But then again, changing one under water is not exactly straightforward either. Firstly the old propeller oil is drained out – but then water floods into the spaces vacated by the oil. The water therefore has to be ‘pushed’ away using a special flushing oil, before the lubricating oil can be pumped in around the propeller. So finding the right lubricant was quite a challenge. This is where we came in.


  • Being in dry dock is very costly.
  • The company needed an oil that enabled propellers to be replaced under water, without taking ships into dock.
  • Underwater propeller replacement is complicated and needs an oil that can be used in various special conditions.


  • Thanks to our cutting-edge knowledge of lubricant technology, we were able to develop a brand new product that acts as both a flushing oil and a lubricating oil.
  • Two products became one – and as an added bonus, propeller changes were made simpler and cheaper.


  • When we helped the company with the product development the result was a brand new oil, which is now used in propeller replacements around the world.
  • Propellers can now be changed nice and easily under water, saving both time and money.
  • In addition, propellers can now be replaced at short notice, also in ports with no dry docks.
  • The company has built up a global network of workshops for propeller replacements and other tasks. Some ports have permanent workshops, but they also have mobile units that can quickly be transported to ports where they are needed temporarily. 

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Case: Product development
Smart product development simplifies propeller replacement

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