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Do you know what our two engine oil product ranges TITAN PRO and TITAN FLEX stand for?

With the two product families TITAN PRO and TITAN FLEX we are able to satisfy the demand for "universal" engine oils with a wide range of applications as well as for "special" oils for specific applications.

PRO stands for PROFESSIONAL, because this range is characterized by its strong focus on a single, specific OEM specification. Therefore, this oil has been specially developed, optimized and released for these requirements. For example, our TITAN GT1 PRO 2312 SAE 0W-30 was developed specifically for the new PSA Euro 6 engines.

FLEX stands for FLEXIBLE, because these engine oils are ideally suited for the rationalization of grades for different manufacturers. TITAN FLEX products combine a large number of approvals in order to achieve the broadest possible market coverage. The oils have the appropriate approvals from the manufacturers and are developed according to the respective ACEA sequence. The engine oil with the largest market coverage is our TITAN GT1 FLEX 23 SAE 5W-30.

The portfolio of the two product ranges is continuously being further developed so that FUCHS can always offer the right lubricants.

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