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Hydraulic oils for mobile applications

Mobile hydraulic oil

We offer a comprehensive range, from standard products to advanced hydraulic fluids with unique properties. Looking for a product that saves energy, is easier on the environment or works in extremely low temperatures? Or do you need effective protection for your machines? We’ll help you find the right product.

Did you know that biodegradable hydraulic oils often provide better performance?

Did you know that the right hydraulic oil decreases energy loss?

Central hydraulic and power steering fluids

Vehicle development is highly progressive in terms of performance, comfort and equipment. Modern central hydraulic and power steering systems require special formulations to ensure optimum performance, durability and especially safety. For this reason, manufacturer approvals are essential.

Our fluids for central hydraulic and power steering meet the highest OEM* requirements. There are several applications for TITAN CHFs:

  • Power steering
  • Chassis level control (direct intervention on chassis dynamics)
  • Actuators for transmissions
  • Hydraulics for convertible tops

*OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer


  • Optimised steering compatibility
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Low dynamic friction
  • High thermal stability
  • Very good heat transfer
  • Very low foam and cavitation tendency
  • Effective wear resistance
  • Excellent filterability
  • Optimised viscosity
  • High viscosity index
  • Very good low temperature properties

Did you know…

The basics of hydraulic steering aids have been known for a long time. The first patent for a power steering system was granted in 1902. GM and Chrysler introduced cars with power steering in the 1950s. Today, almost every car has power steering, as the trend has been toward front-wheel drive, and heavier vehicles with wide tyres and increased steering forces.

Hydraulic fluids …
… offer optimal performance
… extend the service life
… reduce the maintenance requirement

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