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Neat Cutting Fluids

ECOCUT and PLANTOCUT neat metalworking fluids are designed for the latest ecological and workplace exposure considerations. They meet or exceed demands for efficient and cost-effective metalworking. Additionally, these fluids offer:

  • Optimum heat transfer
  • High lubricity
  • Good flushing
  • Enhanced machining performance
  • Excellent environmental and health protection
  • Designed for use on the most demanding alloys
  • Meet or exceed stringent demands of medical and aerospace
  • Local and global availability

Cutting fluid technology must adapt to the needs of the worldwide metal­ working industry. Our global FUCHS team makes sure that selected pro­ducts are available in other parts of the world in the same quality.

Special Product Solutions: Low-Emission and MQL Fluids

Low Emission Cutting and Grinding Fluids - Better for People, Better for Companies

ECOCUT LE and PLANTOCUT low­ emission cutting and grinding fluids resolve issues with pronounced misting and evaporation common with conventional fluids. ECOCUT LE series is formulated with premium base oils, and PLANTOCUT series with synthetic ester base fluids.  Both series provide proven high performance and stand out with their excellent economy and low emissions.  Additionally, these fluids provide:

  •  Enhanced air quality
  •  Reduced fire and explosion hazards
  •  Extended service intervals for oil separators
  •  Lower consumption

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Products

ECOCUT MIKRO PLUS and PLANTOCUT MIKRO are product series specially developed for MQL and are approved by leading MQL equipment manufacturers.  Overall, they provide a high ease of spraying, optimum droplet characteristics, excellent lubrication, and low odor.

ECOCUT MIKRO PLUS fluids are fatty alcohol-based and provide:

  •  Lower flashpoint than ester oils of the same viscosity
  •  Evaporate relatively easily to allow components to dry quickly
  •  Generate moderate cool

PLANTOCUT MIKRO fluids are ester oil-based and provide:

  •  Higher boiling and flashpoints – even at lower viscosity ranges
  •  Significantly lower generation of vapor
  •  Formation of a thin film on components that is dry to the touch


Coolant Management Guide

Fluids for Automotive and Aerospace

Lubricant Solutions for Medical Technology

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