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Where efficient technology meets intelligent lubrication. FUCHS BluEV - Future mobility lubrication.

Highly efficient and sustainable e-mobility solutions rely on lubrication. To develop smart lubrication solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, we draw on our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in various mobility sectors. You benefit from our close, long-standing collaboration with experts in the automotive industry and an innovative technology platform that covers nearly all solutions under one umbrella, FUCHS BluEV. The result: greater efficiency and optimized costs.

One product line, one goal: greater efficiency

There are many complex applications for specialized lubricants in electric and hybrid vehicles, where these lubricants reduce friction and secure the requisite service life. Thermal Fluids are also playing an increasingly important role in electrified vehicles, as established coolants offer only limited suitability for use in drive and battery systems, primarily due to their electrical conductivity. Protecting the sensitive components from environmental influences represents another challenge that we are happy to accept. We find the right solutions for any vehicle both reliably and flexibly – no matter whether for lubrication, cooling, or protection.

FUCHS BluEV Drive Fluid

Our series of transmission oils in e-drives and hybrids with properties tailored precisely to suit the application. Be it products featuring distinct protection against foaming in applications with high rotational speeds or special friction behavior for hybrid transmissions with dual clutches - the optimization goal is always to achieve optimum compatibility with the materials used and the greatest possible efficiency in terms of costs and operation.

FUCHS BluEV Motor Grease

Our grease products for electric motors are designed especially for e-mobility and feature suitable conductivity in the system to promote maximum bearing protection and improved EMC behavior, optimized noise levels, and the best possible efficiency even at high temperatures and circumferential speeds.

FUCHS BluEV Thermal Fluid

Different variants of our dielectric heat transfer media for automotive applications in electric motors and immersion cooling systems of batteries and electronics components ensure extremely efficient temperature management of energized components. Excellent aging resistance and optimized behavior with regard to water absorption ensure consistent insulation properties and low maintenance requirements.

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