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Lubricants and Services

A comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants for almost all applications and industries

FUCHS is first choice when it comes to application diversity and uniqueness in lubricants. Because we combine the strength of a full-range supplier with the independence of a niche specialist we can supply the right lubricant, from standard solutions to highly customized products - technologically sophisticated and of the highest quality.

Our product range includes lubricants and services from the following product categories:

Applications of lubricants

Lubricants are used for lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning and protection.  This results in the following tasks:

  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • Corrosion protection of the surface
  • Removal of heat generated during operation
  • Avoid deposits and material particles, which can occur during commissioning, for example, and transport them away if necessary, as is the case with chips in metalworking.

Depending on the desired field of application, the lubricant is defined and adjusted exactly as technically required.

Classification of lubricants

Depending on the nature of the lubricants, a distinction is made between

  • Liquid lubricants
  • Greases
  • Solid lubricants
  • Gaseous lubricants

Our lubricants, your added value

We would be happy to advise you on how the use of our lubricants can lead to higher process reliability and a significant reduction in costs, for example by extending productivity and service life or reducing energy consumption and thus CO2emissions. 

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