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Automotive lubricants

Performance and Reliability for Your Vehicle

Lubricant technology has never been as demanding as it is today. Alternative fuels, new automotive technologies, sustainable exhaust gas treatment and extended replacement intervals make vehicles more efficient than ever but also pose new challenges to the lubricants protecting driveline components.

To ensure that modern vehicles remain highly efficient, FUCHS as one of the leading lubricants partners for the automotive industry has developed a comprehensive product range living up to these challenges. Our portfolio comprises premium performance oils and greases for passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles that meet the requirements of all major international specifications and original manufacturer approvals. This includes European brands as well as US-American and Asian producers.

FUCHS' know-how,  experience, and commitment to quality is not only the basis of our success as a first-fill supplier but also ensures a state-of-the-art aftermarket portfolio for our customers. We firmly believe that only lubricants living up to original equipment standards guarantee your vehicle will run the way it is supposed to run.

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