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Consumers expect excellent quality and long life from their household appliances. Proper lubricant choice can help you design these devices to provide reliable operation without failure.

FUCHS offers a versatile and comprehensive line of forming lubricants and the highest level of experience in improving your total operating costs through proper fluid selection, fluid control, monitoring and application techniques.

FUCHS lubricants stand for performance and sustainability, for safety and reliability, for efficiency and cost savings. They represent a promise: technology that pays back.

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Product Line and Application Areas

The success of a perfect metal forming depends on three factors: the material, the forming process including the tools being used and last but not least the forming lubricant. FUCHS offers lubricants for almost all forming processes. With RENOFORM forming lubricants you maximize efficiency, durability and plant safety. You minimize wear, the environmental impact and follow-up costs. By using our highly effective FUCHS lubricant formulations, you optimize your forming processes all along the line.



When manufacturing metal products, all materials that have a negative impact on the subsequent production steps or disrupt the later use of the metallic object must be removed from the surfaces.  FUCHS offers everything from a single source.

Perfectly matched products together with a comprehensive spectrum of industrial cleaners ensure a high level of process safety by avoiding product incompatibility as well as delivering excellent performance in virtually all cleaning processes.


Unprotected, bare metal surfaces lose their elaborated finish quality often due to corrosion,in particular oxidation. This is not only a deterioration of the look-and-feel, but often a loss of proper function. ANTICORIT corrosion preventives have been developed under careful consideration of all conditions, both in the laboratory and in practice. They are simple and economical to use and, adapted to the diverse requirements of the practice, are available in a comprehensive product range.


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