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FUCHS has developed an unsurpassed, comprehensive range of specialized products and fluid management services for the forging industry.

Under the LUBRODAL, FORGE EASE and HYKOGEEN brands, our specialty forging lubricants offer the highest quality and excellent application results all over the world. We develop our lubricants in close cooperation with the users – for excellent products and economical results.

With our broad range of high-performance lubricants, we are able to provide the most suitable product for any lubrication application in the industry. Our lubricants have been especially developed and exceed the wide variety of requirements for process and operational lubrication.

Starting from scale reduction products over graphite pre-coatings for warm forging to all different kinds of tool lubrication – e.g. for semi-hot or hot forging, high-speed or precision forging, reducer or ring rolling, seamless tube manufacturing and much more.

Lubricants for the Forging Industry

Product Applications

The forging industry includes a broad field of different applications, each with a high level of special requirements for the needed lubricants. The FUCHS product range covers all established forging applications and related processes.

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