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Increasing Computational Power in Data Centers

Technologies like 5G, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence are driving the development of more powerful data centers. Engineers are often tasked with the challenge of expanding a data center’s computing capacity while minimizing their real-estate footprint and environmental impact. Many are choosing to do this with powerful high density rack designs that pose challenges such as increased temperatures and energy usage. Traditional air cooling cannot address these concerns as it requires more space, energy, and water usage. Single phase immersion cooling fluids work into your pre-existing design and are an energy-efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional air cooling.

What is Single Phase Immersion Cooling?

During single phase immersion cooling, racks are filled with a dielectric fluid that is then circulated between racks via a coolant distribution unit. It can also be applied direct-to-chip on a printed circuit board or via tank immersion. Dielectric coolants are an insulative fluid that transfer heat without conducting electricity, making it a safe and effective solution.

Why Should You Use Single Phase Immersion Cooling Fluids?

On average, single phase cooling reduces a data center’s IT footprint by 70% when compared to traditional air cooling. Reducing the number of aircooling units required in a plant frees up available real estate for additional rack units. Additionally, because immersion cooling significantly reduces the heat generated by the server, servers can be placed closer together, enabling high-density rack designs.

Data centers account for 1% of global electricity usage. Single phase cooling uses 50% less energy when compared to traditional air cooling.

 A 15-megawatt data center can use 360,000 gallons of water per day. Single phase cooling uses less water than air cooling which reduces the risk of short circuits and outages.

Single phase cooling is a more efficient cooling method that reduces your CO2  emissions by up to 30%. Our biodegradable Cooling Fluids have zero Global Warming and Ozone Depletion Potential.

Our cooling fluids are competitively priced compared to other dielectric fluids. Switching to single phase immersion cooling can lower your PUE from 1.67 to 1.03, meaning nearly all of your electric power draw is going to cooling the IT equipment. For a 15-megawatt data center that is equivalent to over $10,000 per day. In addition, depending on their needs, facilities might consider FUCHS cooling fluid subscription plan that would make single-phase immersion cooling more cost effective.

RENOLIN Fluids for Electronic Component Cooling

Our RENOLIN Fluids for Electronic Component Cooling (FECC) systems are available as mineral oils and synthetic fluids and are safe and reliable. Advantages include:

  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Great heat conductivity
  • High flash point
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Common IT materials compatiblity
  • Oxygen stable
  • High breakdown voltage
  • Special synthetic base oil
Density833 kg/m³826 kg/m³797 kg/m³

Thermal Conductivity

at 0 °C

at 40 °C

at 100 °C


0.135 W/(m*K)

0.129 W/(m*K)

0.119 W/(m*K)


0.129 W/(m*K)

0.125 W/(m*K)

0.114 W/(m*K)


0.143 W/(m*K)

0.136 W/(m*K)

0.123 W/(m*K)

Specific Heat Capacity

at 0 °C

at 40 °C

at 100 °C


1.96 J/(g*K)

2.10 J/(g*K)

2.33 J/(g*K)


1.96 J/(g*K)

2.10 J/(g*K)

2.30 J/(g*K)


2.10 J/(g*K)

2.22 J/(g*K)

2.43 J/(g*K)

Kinematic Viscosity

at 40 °C

at 100 °C


7.60 mm²/s

2.20 mm²/s


4.96 mm²/s

1.70 mm²/s


5.10 mm²/s

1.80 mm²/s

AC Breakdown Voltage> 40 kV> 40 kV> 40 kV


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Your data centers are all over the world, and so are we. FUCHS operates 35 production facilities around the world and operates a global distribution network. With our extensive product and service portfolio we off


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