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Double Clutch Transmission Fluids (DCTF)

FUCHS TITAN DCTF – The most extensive portfolio of double clutch transmission fluids

Due to their design, double clutch transmissions (DCT = Double Clutch Transmission) place increased demands on the appropriate fluids (DCTF = Double Clutch Transmission Fluid). Double clutch transmissions consist of the following components:

  • 2 “semi manual” transmissions united (one for each odd an even gears)
  • 2 hydraulically actuated wet or dry clutches for launching and switching of gears
  • Hydraulic or mechatronic switching module
  • Electronic control unit

The special requirements for double clutch transmission fluids

  • Wear protection, as with manual transmissions
  • Good synchronization properties for reliable gear changes
  • Good friction characteristics for precise frictional engagement and comfort
  • Excellent oxidation stability for long replacement intervals
  • Wet clutch suitable
  • High friction stability over the entire replacement interval
  • High thermic stability
  • Best material compatibility, especially with electrical components

Good to know

To ensure that the high shifting comfort is maintained with low shifting times and without traction interruption, DCTFs are changed every 60,000 – 90,000 km.

Double clutch transmissions are a type of transmission that is fit for the future, as the offer very good opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions:

  • Shift strategies for consumption optimization
  • Start-stop capable
  • Frequently used in hybrid vehicles
  • Manual switching

It can therefore be assumed that the portfolio will continue to expand.

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