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Rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oils

Mobile hydraulic applications demand environmentally friendly solutions

Hydraulic fluids make up approximately 13 - 14% of total lubricant consumption in Germany. As such, hydraulic oils have a significant share of the lubricant market. Some 80 - 85% of hydraulic fluids are pressure oils based on mineral oil. 

Environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable pressure fluids have been developed primarily with a high level of environmental compatibility in mind. These generally contain heavy metal-free, toxicologically harmless additives and additive systems and are used in both mobile and stationary systems. They are claiming a growing share of the market and are replacing mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids in numerous areas, in particular in the field of mobile hydraulic applications. 

Fluids are allocated in accordance with the main component in the base oil. DIN ISO 15380 contains requirements with regard to environmental compatibility as well as technical performance.

All PLANTO pressure fluids from FUCHS like:


are produced on the basis of synthetic esters (saturated or partially saturated) and fulfill and surpass the requirements of DIN ISO 15380. 


Further information about rapidly biodegradable lubircants from FUCHS can be found here.

HEES - ester-based, rapidly biodegradable pressure fluids

Pressure fluids based on unsaturated, partially saturated and saturated synthetic esters

Esters are generally created through the reaction of an organic acid with a polyvalent alcohol under separation of water. The combination of different types of organic acids and alcohols allows many variations of esters to be created for lubricants. The acid chains can be fully saturated (very high stability), partially saturated (good stability) and unsaturated. Fully saturated HEES ester oils are synthetic fluids which are resistant to high temperatures and which surpass the performance of mineral oils. They are therefore thermally stable and resistant to oxidation. Although HEES ester oils can also be partially saturated, they can still be classified as stable and, if the approriate care is taken, used in the same manner as mineral oil. 

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