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Gear Oils

Wide product range

FUCHS is a leading player in the field of power transmission engineering and its product range covers all industrial gear oil applications and performance levels.

Synthetic gear oils of the series

  • RENOLIN UNISYN CLP – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO)
  • RENOLIN PG – polyalkylene glycol-based (PAG)
  • PLANTOGEAR S – saturated ester-based (E)

make up our portfolio of new-generation synthetic gear oils boasting maximum technical performance.

Mineral oil-based gear oils

In addition, FUCHS offers a comprehensive product range of mineral oil-based gear oils

  • RENOLIN CLP – demulsifying

The optimum gear oil for every application. The optimum solution for every problem.


Environmentally Acceptable (EAL) & Biodegradable Lubricants

Environmentally responsible companies looking to fulfill regulatory requirements while promoting environmental stewardship, sustainability and “greener” applications are partnering with FUCHS to address the rising demand for safer, high performance lubricants.

FUCHS’ EAL and Biodegradable Lubricants have been developed to meet regulatory requirements for applications in sensitive ecological environments such as waterways or forests.


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