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Main Bearing Grease

Main bearings use the most grease in the wind turbine. The bearing application is a combination of low speed, intermittent usage, high loads, and a lot of vibration.  Due to the nature of the application it requires a grease developed and tested specifically for these requirements.

FUCHS has developed a series of greases that meet industry requirements, provide protection against wear, and have an EHL that protects during the sliding and rolling of the bearings.


  • GLEITMO 680 XT


This fully synthetic, high performance grease was developed within the WINDLUB project in Europe, which is a consortium of wind bearing, filter and lubricator companies.

STABYL EOS E 2 was specifically designed for use in heavily loaded roller and plain bearings of wind power plants. Due to its wide operating temperature range, its high mechanical stability and its outstanding load carrying capacity, STABYL EOS E 2 is excellently suitable for the lubrication of the main rotor bearings.

STABYL EOS E 2 is a grease that can provide protection against wear and an EHL that will protect during both sliding and rolling of the bearings.

    GLEITMO 680 XT

    GLEITMO 680 XT is the newest main bearing grease offering from Fuchs and was designed to adapt to complex lubrication issues that come with larger bearings, longer blades and increased pitching due to active pitch systems.

    These bearings spend a high percentage of their dynamic movement in the slide regime and less in the pure rolling environment causing more wear from micro movements where the bearing is operating in the boundary lubrication phase.

    GLEITMO 680 XT incorporates proprietary additive technology that better handles the sliding and highly loaded phases, lowering the wear and extending bearing life.

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      STABYL EOS E2 Product Features:

      • Temperature range for use: -40 / +130 °C
      • Pronounced load carrying capacity
      • Very good protection against wear
      • Excellent low temperature properties
      • High aging stability
      • Safe protection against corrosion
      • High water resistance

      GLEITMO 680 XT Product Features:

      • Excellent low temperature performance
      • Outstanding wear protection
      • High Viscosity provides excellent lubrication layer
      • Protects against sliding wear

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