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Corrosion protection for metals

If your metal components and surfaces are exposed to excessive levels of corrosion, it will cause serious degradation, leading to costly repairs and downtime. With the easy-to-use ANTICORIT corrosion preventatives range, you can protect your metal parts from corrosion damage and preserve their long-term performance.

At FUCHS UK, we stock a comprehensive selection of ANTICORIT products to meet virtually all corrosion protection requirements including:

  • Temporary Coatings - These thin, transparent films provide short-term protection, ideal for indoor storage or transit of metal parts for up to 12 months.
  • Permanent Coatings - These solvent-based coatings offer long-lasting protection against corrosion, extending up to 20 years in marine environments and 30 years in industrial settings.
  • Fluids - These protective fluids are suitable for a variety of applications, including cylinder bores, bearings, and spare parts.

Key Features

ANTICORIT corrosion preventatives offer excellent protection characteristics for metal components, including:

  • Extended Protection - ANTICORIT products provide long-lasting protection against corrosion, ensuring your metal parts remain in prime condition for extended periods.
  • Easy Application - ANTICORIT products are straightforward to apply using spray, flood, dip or drip methods, ensuring efficient and rapid protection.
  • OEM Approvals - The ANTICORIT range has the approval of leading OEMs, including automotive companies, tier 1 automotive component manufacturers, bearing manufacturers and steel companies.
  • Multiple Protective Technologies - ANTICORIT corrosion preventatives deliver a variety of protective technologies to meet the specific demands of specific applications, from temporary coatings to permanent solutions.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs - By preventing corrosion, ANTICORIT can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with corrosion damage.
  • Improved safety - Corrosion can create a safety hazard by weakening metal structures. ANTICORIT can help to reduce the risk of accidents caused by corrosion.

Applications of ANTICORIT Corrosion Preventatives

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