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Apprenticeships at FUCHS

At FUCHS, we believe that our apprentices are the future, so we invest in theirs.

In addition to studying to complete an apprenticeship qualification, our apprentices are also given a structured 12-month in-house training plan as well as the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals to aid in their development here at FUCHS.

We have introduced apprentices into various areas of the company, such as Marketing, HR, IT, Production, and Scientific roles. Apprenticeships can start at a variety of Levels, from earning a Level 2 qualification up to Level 5, but we do not stop there. We believe in rewarding hard work and effort from all of our team and will continue to educate them as much as we can.

Hear what some of our apprentices have to say about studying with FUCHS;


Jaydn joined FUCHS in April 2019 as Apprentice Product Management Assistant for our Automotive Division. After he successfully completed his Business Administration apprenticeship, Jaydn progressed into the role of Automotive Internal Sales and has successfully passed his Level 4 Sales Executive qualification.


“The idea of gaining work experience whilst continuing my education was what appealed to me the most. I was excited by the opportunity to develop my career with FUCHS just from my first impression. When deciding on starting my apprenticeship, the varied opportunities available at Fuchs made it the right decision.

The experiences I’ve had since starting my apprenticeship have been the most enjoyable. From sales meetings across the country, training, and exhibitions events, I have been very fortunate to meet lots of people from different industries who have passed on their knowledge to better my future.

My main role at FUCHS is to proactively chase new business opportunities. This varies from lapsed accounts, cold accounts and enquiries that come in from customers through our technical emails & calls. I spend the majority of my time managing existing customers to grow their sales with us. I am also involved heavily when it comes to quoting, processing orders and order scanning. From the sale to the delivery, I am involved the entire time.

I would like to grow my current portfolio with an aim to head towards management. I want to bring new ideas to the automotive team and my experiences in my apprenticeship will help with that. Ultimately, I want more responsibility to further my career and to better the company”.

Megan joined FUCHS in July 2019 as an Apprentice Customer Service Chemist, within the customer service laboratory, testing samples to ensure the service we provide to our customers is of the highest quality. Megan has successfully completed her Level 5 Laboratory Technician qualification and will be studying for the Level 6 Laboratory Scientist course in April 2024.

“I wanted to do an apprenticeship with FUCHS to allow me to gain experience and skills from industry experts, whilst earning alongside. A traditional university route wouldn’t have given me the same opportunities.

My daily tasks consist of the condition monitoring of customer samples which involves testing and reporting of the results.  I sometimes help Research and Development with projects and assist Technical Services with Laboratory work surrounding fluid trials with new potential customers. Every day there is something new to learn.

In the future I hope to further my education with another apprenticeship where I can gain a Degree apprenticeship in chemistry and perhaps work in R&D or Technical Services later in my career.”

Raveena joined FUCHS UK in July 2022 as an Apprentice Customer Service Administrator, offering support within major accounts, customer services, and export departments. Raveena has successfully completed her Diploma in Customer Services.

“I was interested in an apprenticeship at FUCHS as I knew they would offer me the opportunity to gain and further my skills in different working environments, which would also help me to understand what career path I want to take in the future. I also believe an apprenticeship will help me gain experience whilst learning, as well as enable me to develop confidence whilst working in a team.

My daily tasks consist of processing key account orders and dealing with customer queries, setting up new accounts, amending account information, scanning and indexing documents such as delivery notes, orders, customer information, export orders, account information and checking orders that have been placed.

I would like to further my career by continuing to gain skills and develop the ones that I already have in different areas of the company.”

Luke joined FUCHS UK in April 2022 as an Apprentice Warehouse Operative, supporting the distribution of products to our customers, and is currently studying for a Supply Chain Warehouse qualification.

“My interest in joining FUCHS started when I researched the Company and saw how much of a world-renowned and respected Company it is within its industry. When I saw the opportunity and experience they could offer me I knew it was the best option for myself and my future.

My daily tasks on the shop floor consist of handling returns that come back from our clients, ensuring they are checked to make sure they are suitable and within specification to go back into stock.

In the future, I hope to work my way up to being a manager within the Company.”

Calum joined FUCHS in November 2020 as an Apprentice Technical Administrator. Since Calum joined the Company, he has been involved in numerous department improvement projects and has successfully completed his Level 5 Project Management qualification.


“I joined FUCHS as the role offered me many different avenues of where it could take me, and that is exactly what has happened.

My current role consists of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the management of multiple systems, data reporting to the industrial product management team, and carrying out voiceovers for training courses.

I’m looking forward to my future here at Fuchs and will do my best to help contribute to the business’s success.”

Reece started with FUCHS in August 2021 as an Apprentice Customer Service Chemist, within our customer service laboratory. Reece also supports the Quality Control (QC) laboratory. Reece is currently studying for a Level 5 Laboratory Technician qualification.

“I have always been interested in chemistry and I wanted to find an opportunity to progress in this field. My apprenticeship with FUCHS allows me to gain ‘real-world’ experience of working within a lab and learn the required skills to progress my career within this role while also allowing me to work towards gaining my qualification in HND in Applied Science.

My daily tasks consist of completing analysis on used oil samples to determine whether samples are still within specification and then reporting the findings. The data can be sent out to the customers with the findings of the testing to determine the best course of action to be taken on their system.

I would like to further my career by carrying on with my education and developing my current skills within the laboratory and then progressing into research and development.”

Aleema joined FUCHS UK in July 2022 as an Apprentice Product Management Assistant, working within the Automotive Product Management team.

She has successfully completed her Business Administration qualification with a distinction. Aleema’s future goal is to continue developing further with FUCHS and to establish herself as a valuable member of the automotive department.


“Becoming an apprentice seemed very appealing to me as I would gain experience whilst also gaining a qualification. Whilst researching, I came across FUCHS and I knew it was the right company for me to develop in as there are ample opportunities for career growth. FUCHS is a well-established global company that goes out of its way for its employees.

My daily tasks consist of reviewing reports, creating forms for the introduction/deletion of products, raising tasks and assigning them to relevant departments, reviewing the situations of current stock and products, working with other departments including marketing and materials management for the set-up of products/labels, designing and printing product labels and reviewing the label order book. I enjoy being able to take on different tasks, especially the ones that require me to be working with colleagues from different departments.

Working at FUCHS whilst studying for a Level 3 in Business Administration has helped me broaden my knowledge about the company's values, mission and goals. My future goal is to continue developing further with FUCHS and to establish myself as a valuable member of the product management department. I would like to further enhance my knowledge and skills as much as I can to help FUCHS achieve its business goals.

Harvey started at FUCHS UK in September 2021 as an Apprentice Distribution Management Assistant, offering support to both the company’s Distribution and Warehouse functions.

Harvey has recently achieved a Business Administration qualification.

“The idea of an apprenticeship, rather than going to college full time, felt like the right option for me. FUCHS stood out as a multinational company that is very stable and reliable.

My daily tasks consist of scanning delivery notes, updating files, organising trip manifests, updating relevant spreadsheets, and creating dangerous goods notes.

My future goals are to work my way up in the Company, and to gain experience that can then be passed onto future apprentices.”

"I've thought about a career in Digital Marketing since completing a Double BTEC in Graphic Design at college in June 2022. I wasn't sure what the best next steps would be for me to progress into Marketing but when I saw an Apprentice opportunity at FUCHS, I knew I had to apply.  I am now able to learn whilst gaining practical experience and earning.

I've only been at FUCHS for a small amount of time, however I've already learned a great deal from my colleagues who offer constructive feedback and praise which boosts my motivation and desire to do the best job I can in each task I do. I am involved in a variety of tasks including creating printed marketing materials, social media content and liaising with our sponsored motorsports teams.

I am currently studying for my Level 3 qualification with the goal of moving on to more advanced levels in the future. My ultimate goal is to head towards a management position, being involved in more strategic and long-term marketing planning. I believe that FUCHS' values when it comes to employee development and training will enable me to achieve my goals."

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