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Apprenticeships at Fuchs

At FUCHS, we believe that our apprentices are the future, so we invest in theirs. As well as studying to complete an apprenticeship qualification, you will also be given a structured 12 month In-house training plan for your development here at Fuchs. We have introduced apprentices into various areas of the company, such as: Marketing, Scientific roles, HR, IT and Production. Apprenticeships have started at a variety of Levels, from earning a Level 2 qualification up to Level 5, but we do not stop there. We believe in rewarding hard-work and effort from all of our people, and will continue to educate you as much as we can. You will also get the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals which will help with your development. Hear what some of our apprentices have to say about their time at Fuchs:

Lee Lawton

Marketing Assistant

“I joined FUCHS in 2014 as apprenticeship Marketing Assistant.

"Since joining, FUCHS has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to help me achieve my career goals in a friendly and supportive environment. FUCHS supported me by allowing me to study a Level 3 NVQ In Business Administration followed by Level 4 Certificate In Professional Marketing. In the future I plan on taking this further and studying Level 6 Diploma In Professional Marketing.

"The best part about my role is project-managing campaigns and trade shows from start to finish, seeing the end result and hearing positive feedback.

"FUCHS is more than just a company or job for me. I have progressed and experienced so much during my time at the company and the culture encourages and supports you to widen your learning scope. At first, I was surprised to learn that many FUCHS personnel have been with the company for so long, with 20/30/40 year long service awards a regular occurrence. After 4 years with FUCHS, I now understand why and would highly recommend a career with FUCHS.”

Sam Diskin

Apprentice Laboratory Technician

"I have been with FUCHS since July 2017, when I joined as an Apprentice Laboratory Technician.

"FUCHS has given me real-life working experience whilst studying for a Level 5 Laboratory Technician course, with prospects of further education. The exposure to the range of tests conducted in the workplace is something that University could not have taught me.

"Having spent time in Quality Control, R&D and Customer Services Labs, I have seen the great care FUCHS takes in what it does, and its employees. The support that the team and FUCHS give me both towards work and to complete my apprenticeship is second to none."

Adam Blood

IT Support Apprentice

"I became an IT Support Apprentice at FUCHS in July 2017.

"Having always had a passion for IT, I found this to be the perfect opportunity. The fact that each day brings new challenges is my favourite part of the job. Tackling these challenges and seeing how I have helped others gives me great job satisfaction.

"Having nearly completed my Level 3 IT Application Specialist Course, FUCHS have already lined up a Level 4 course for me to continue my education. They are dedicated to making sure their employees are always learning and developing.

"The support available from my colleagues makes FUCHS such an enjoyable and productive environment."

Jack Millward

HSEQ Assistant

"I have been with FUCHS for just over 3 years. I joined as an Apprentice HSEQ Assistant.

"My favourite part about my role at FUCHS is the responsibility I am given. Taking on projects and audits has helped develop my managerial skills in an industry which is constantly growing.

"I completed a Level 3 in Business Administration through FUCHS, and they have continued to develop my knowledge of auditing and compliance."

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