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Environmental consciousness and sustainable production processes pose an enormous challenge for many companies.

At FUCHS however, we don’t view sustainability as a mere responsibility, but as a chance. For us and for our customers.  That’s why we don’t just analyse and optimise the sustainability of our own processes at all times, but have – time and time again – measurably improved our customers’ value chains as well.

From individually designed hydraulic oils in construction equipment, over special lubricant solutions in combustion engines to cutting fluids in milling machines - they all reduce friction and therefore save significant amounts of CO2. That’s why we can proudly say that our products don’t just contain 90 years of experience, but also a huge amount of potential for your business and the planet alike.

Lubricants from CO2-neutral* production

As of January 2020, FUCHS is a CO2-neutral* company globally and its customers receive lubricants from CO2-neutral* production worldwide.

FUCHS’ CO2-neutrality* strategy is embedded in its sustainability strategy, which was launched in 2010. In order to implement CO2-neutrality*, FUCHS offsets its CO2 emissions, which have not yet been avoided so far, through carbon-compensation payments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects aimed primarily at promoting renewable energies.

In the medium term, FUCHS intends to gradually reduce its carbon compensation payments and increase its share of renewable energy supplies, while continuing to invest in improving the energy efficiency of its locations.

In the long term, the company also aims to sell CO2-neutral* products to its customers, which requires that FUCHS will in the future be supplied with CO2-neutral* raw materials by its suppliers.


Ecology and carbon-neutrality strategy

Find out more about our CO2-Neutral production, our global sustainability projects and key research by reading our ecology and carbon-neutrality strategy page.

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EcoVadis Gold Medal

Environmental, social, and ethical performance – or Sustainability – is an essential factor for smart business today. More and more companies, including our customers partners, are under immense pressure to improve their transparency and sustainability practices, and this includes the sustainability of us as a supplier.

FUCHS UK has been with the EcoVadis Gold Medal with a score of 72/100, the highest within the FUCHS GROUP.
The EcoVadis award reflects the quality of the company’s sustainability management system at the time of the assessment*. 


Our rapidly biodegradable PLANTO products are based on synthetic esters or vegetable oils. They achieve and exceed the requisite technical performance, particularly in comparison with conventional mineral oil-based lubricants.

+  Rapidy biodegradable
+  Awarded the EU Ecolabel (EEL)
+  Environmentally friendly solutions
+  Products for many sectors

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The FUCHS Lube Cube is our 100% recyclable packaging system and is one of the most convenient, cost effective and sustainable forms of lubrication packaging available on the market, filled with both user and commercial benefits.

+  100% recyclable
+  Less plastic used than traditional bottles
+  CO2 reduction in transportation
+  Many user benefits

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The FUCHS GROUP has invested heavily into its Hanley based UK manufacturing plant over recent years, introducing new machinery, systems and processes to help FUCHS operate more efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint.

+  Powered by solar energy
+  Smart lighting
+  Rainwater collection
+  Efficient production lines

>  UK Production

Lets start the conversation about how FUCHS can improve your green credentials.

FUCHS is dedicated to sustainability through its production and product offering which is of a benefit to the environment and our customers. Speak to one of our advisors today and find out how we can work together for a better future.

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