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Lube Cube

The FUCHS Lube Cube is a single use, 100% recyclable packaging system and is one of the most convenient, cost effective and sustainable forms of lubrication packaging available on the market.

Save money

Save Space

Reduce plastic pollution


Reduction in disposal costs
Figure based on the FUCHS 20L Lube Cube compared with traditional 20L plastic containers


Reduction in plastic used
Figure based on the FUCHS 20L Lube Cube compared with traditional 20L plastic containers


Increase in pallet volume
When comparing FUCHS 5L Lube Cubes with traditional 5L plastic containers


Increase in pallet volume
When comparing FUCHS 20L Lube Cubes with traditional 20L plastic containers

Since the launch of the FUCHS Lube Cube in 2012 we have reduced our use of plastic containers by over 818,189kg - Thats a massive 818MT.

More than just a cardboard box

What is the FUCHS Lube Cube?
Lube Cube is our packaging innovation concept aimed to both tackle the growing environmental concerns reported globally and also to aid the dispensing of our products. Constructed from a strong, durable, splash-proof cardboard outer containing a product filled plastic inner, the Lube Cube is 100%* recyclable and fitted with built-in handles for easy operation. Smaller Lube Cubes feature integral spouts whilst larger 20L packs are fitted with a built-in tap for easy pouring with no air ingress.

Environmental advantage
Packaging is a major contributor to environmental concerns; efficient resource use and waste minimisation are now a key focus for our customers. The Lube Cube meets the ambition for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice of packaging. Our goal is to enable our customers to increase their recycling rate and limit the amount of materials sent to landfill. Lube Cube goes to the next level, in comparison to other lubricant packaging alternatives, by reducing energy consumption, generating less CO2 emissions and using less overall material, resulting in less waste.

Products & pack sizes available in Lube Cube.
Our Lube Cubes are available in 4L, 5L and 20L capacities.

Maximising your storage efficiency.
The Lube Cube will stack easily which enables more to fit onto a standard pallet.

Reduced disposal costs.
If the bag is washed out correctly the cube is 100% recyclable and can go in normal waste, removing hazardous waste costs associated with the cube.

Cost advantage.
Once empty, the cardboard outer can be flat packed and placed with normal recycling waste. The Lube Cube’s inner plastic bag can also be placed with normal recycling waste - if the bag is washed out prior to disposal. If you opt to not wash the inner bag, you can still expect impressive hazard waste cost savings, 96% on average due to the significant reduction in both plastic volume and weight compared to traditional packaging options. As the Lube Cube can be completely flattened, you will also notice a considerable reduction in space required for waste storage.

Figures based on market research undertaken January 2019

Storage and dispensing solutions
To enhance the Lube Cube’s operation, we offer strong metal stands in which 20L Lube Cubes can be
positioned to enable easy tap pouring.
The stands arrange products vertically to provide yet another space saving, as 60L of lubricant can be made to be readily available in the footprint of just a single Lube Cube (3 Lube Cube version).
These are available in both 3 and 6 Lube Cube versions and are ideal for any garage, workshop or industrial bay.
Our cardboard FUCHS retail stands are also suitable for storing/displaying 8x 4L (Silkolene branded stand) or 16x 5L Lube Cubes (FUCHS branded stand).

UK manufacture
All FUCHS Lube Cubes are assembled and filled at our UK production facility in Stoke on Trent. This site holds many recognised health and safety/quality accreditations to ensure all high performance products are produced to the highest standards. Significant investment in our UK site has enabled the further development of our Lube Cube production lines. These now feature automated filling and assembly lines with a state of the art, multi-line pallet loading robot arm.

Experienced in sustainability
Environmentally sustainable products and packaging is a huge focus here at FUCHS and this kind of innovation is key to the future of our industry. We are committed to ensuring the development of products and packaging with the same great performance whilst reducing our environmental impact.
FUCHS has worked alongside our trusted packaging partner for over a decade. We are confident that our Lube Cube packaging system can satisfy our customers’ needs whilst enabling them to choose a more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging option.


Technology that pays back.

*wash inner plastic prior to disposal

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Answers the increasing global concerns for plastic alternatives

100%* Recyclable splash proof packaging

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