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Machinery and equipment

Machinery lubrication

Machine lubrication is an imperative step in your maintenance program. Smooth operation is the basic prerequisite for greater productivity of machines and systems, increased machine utilisation, and reduced unit costs. 

Modern machine tools must adhere to even stricter requirements with regard to precision, speed and reliability. This makes selecting the right lubricant increasingly important. Machine lubricants from FUCHS cater to these stricter requirements and are perfectly matched in terms of compatibility and effectiveness. What's more, our products are proven in practical machine lubrication applications. 

How often should machines be lubricated?

It is a common misconception that lubrication should be carried out as and when needed. Lubricating machines and equipment should be seen as preventative maintenance and be a core part of your maintenance schedule. This may sound like additional work, however, the reduction in downtime from repairs and larger-scale maintenance (as well as the costs involved with these) will deliver a more attractive ROI than you may think. 

Benefits of regularly lubricating machinery

Failing to regularly and adequately lubricate machinery and equipment can have detrimental effects on operation. A regular lubricant maintenance program can:

  • Reduce wear from friction and unwanted deposits that may form in lubricants over time
  • Prevent overheating from friction
  • Maintain shock absorption properties
  • Protect against rust and corrosion

All of these benefits will, in turn, increase the service life of machinery and parts - ultimately saving your business money. It is also advisable to choose lubricants of a high technical standard as they can boast lower consumption and longer drainage intervals which reduces the time spent changing lubricants. They can also reduce energy consumption and have less environmental impact.

Explore the application diagrams below to see where FUCHS lubricants and greases integrate within Machine Tools and Pressing Plant processes and discover which FUCHS product is recommended for each area of operation.

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